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Reins In Motion Foundation is a volunteer based program, offering riding to those with life altering issues. It takes a team of volunteers for each of our clients with many of the disabilities we serve. While riding our clients in this program benefit from Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Mental and Emotional Therapy while on horseback. While the clients are riding on the horse, they are allowing the horse to walk for them and are given the opportunity to build up their core strength, coordination and balance which then gives the client a better foundation to enable the client to hold up their head with stability and arm movement is now possible. As the abdominal muscles are strengthened and core strength and balance is attained, the diaphragm is opened up and language is now able to emerge. The rhythmic movement of the horse is the vehicle for encouraging both sign language and oral language. Balance, flexibility and stretching allows the tight legs to relax and trunk and core strength increases and for many of our clients it is enabling them to walk on their own two legs for the first time in their life. Individual lesson plans are developed for each of our clients. With the help from a team of volunteers, the horse, and an instructor, goals are set and the client is encouraged to participate in games that aide in identifying numbers, letters, shapes, colors, singing songs, communication, balancing and stretching activities that help the client complete the goals set for them. The motivation to keep the horse moving necessitates communication and they must either tap the horse to say “Go” or sign or say “Go.” Eye contact improves and self stimulating behaviors decreases while riding. Riding stimulates the client to focus for longer periods of time which maximizes learning opportunities. The relationship between the rider, horse, teacher and volunteers promotes a can do attitude, social skills, self esteem and a feeling of accomplishment. Not only do our students benefit from the program but the volunteers as well. Training sessions are offered to educate volunteers on how to work with these clients. Many take riding lessons so that they become better and more competent at the job they have volunteered to do. We educate them on the disabilities we are working with and the games and activities that will help us with the goals that we have set up for each of the clients. Our volunteers range in age from 13-78. Our teenage volunteers are so crucial to our program’s success. Our teenage volunteers come with a wealth of energy that is necessary for the kinds of clients that we are working with. They offer our clients a peer relationship which is so important to the client’s self-esteem and self worth. As a team we are making a difference one step at a time.



Reins in Motion Foundation is a
501(C)3 non-profit organization
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