Reins in Motion Volunteers

Reins In Motion is a volunteer organization. Horse experience is helpful but those who are comfortable around horses and love working with kids can be used as side walkers.

Reins In Motionís dedicated volunteers are a part of the team that helps makes a difference One Step At a Time.


    Work with students and horses in the day to day program
    Horse Walkers
    Side Walkers
    Care for the Horses
    Help with Fundraisers
    Clean and Repair Tack
    Clean and Repair Games

Volunteer FAQs


What does a volunteer do?

Most of our volunteers help out with lessons. They groom the horses and tack them up. Typically, as an instructor teaches the lesson, one volunteer may lead the horse, while one or two volunteers walk along side. Some of our students donít need side walkers or horse leaders, in which case the volunteers can clean tack or games! At the end of the classes, volunteers put the horses away and help take down arena equipment used each day.


How Old Do I need to be to be a volunteer?

Volunteers need to be at least 16 years of age in order to help with clients in the arena. Those with a lot of horse experience and capable of tacking and grooming the horse may help with this. Saddles and bridles and tack are always in need of cleaning as well.


If I were to volunteer, how much time would it take?

2 -3 hours of time 1x per week would be very helpful. Our classes run Monday thru Wed. 11-5:30, Thursdayís 2-5:30 and Fridayís 10-2:30. We ask that you commit to one day a week, however, we do understand that other things come up and you will not be able to make each class day. All we ask is that you inform us if you are not able to make it so we can be sure and have enough people to assist.


Do I need to know about horses?

Itís helpful, but not necessary. You can learn as you go Ė itís a great way to learn horsemanship. If you have experience with horses, weíll need to introduce you to the special techniques of therapeutic riding.


If I donít want to work with the horses, is there anything else I could do?

Yes, there are other opportunities. Fundraisers, shows, game repair or cleaning. Let us know of your skills and we will put to use.


How to volunteer

If you would like to volunteer, please download and complete our volunteer forms. Contact Peggy James at: and set up a time to visit the program. We will do a quick training on your first day and then partner you with one of our veteran volunteers. They will help you learn what we do and answer any other questions that you might have. We have times on class days where we will do a short training session. Please bring the forms with you to your first visit to our facility.